A model continuous flow system

A next-generation synthetic technology

Here at FU research group, we are using flow chemistry to address synthetic challenges and to create a sustainable future.  The core element of our research program is the discovery and application of new organic reactions and catalytic methods under continuous flow conditions.  One of our current focuses is the transformation of greenhouse gases into valuable fine chemicals, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), through gas/liquid reactions in continuous flow.  Instead of using a round bottom flask in traditional organic synthesis, reaction mixtures in flow are driven through small channels of microreactors.  The many attributes of flow, such as efficient heat/mass transfer, limited head space, controlled introduction of gas molecules and many other advantages, will be fully explored in our flow chemistry research program.

Transformation of  Freon 22  gas into highly valuable and synthetically challenging CF2D-containing molecules

Streamlined 3-step continuous flow synthesis of Imatinib, a targeted therapy medication used to treat cancer

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